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Over 15 years of experience in the hunting industry.

Over the past decade and a half, thousands of trophy animals have been taken with a large number of satisfied clients in a great number of different safari areas in South Africa as well as in the countries of Namibia and Zimbabwe. We strive to make your hunting safari the unforgettable adventure it can be.


We offer our hunters unique hunting opportunities in their chosen hunting style.

At Kudu Adventure Safaris we offer our hunters a variety of options when it comes to hunting styles. Whether you are a dedicated Rifle Hunter, a hardcore Bow Hunter or a serious Bird Hunter, Africa has so much to offer in locations and trophies.

We believe that anyone with a handicap or disability should be able to continue hunting if they want to. Whether it’s the loss of a limb function or mobility any handicap or disability. Thus we also offer packages for our Disabled Hunters with the same opportunities as any other hunter.

“Come and experience Africa”



Rifle hunting is the most popular hunting method employed in Southern Africa. This type of hunting is available in all of the different areas where Kudu Adventure Safaris have concessions. As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend a calibre with which you are comfortable as long as it is larger than .270 in the case of plains game hunting. If you are going to pursue a member of the “Big Five” – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant rhino, or one of the other dangerous game animals – hippo or crocodile. The minimum caliber allowed by law in the various countries of Southern Africa is a .375.


If you’re a serious Bowhunter, South Africa is the place to hunt. Very few hunters who have brought their bows to South Africa have left disappointed. Kudu Adventure Safaris, personal service and commitment to excellence is second to none. We have a high success rate on trophy animals and quality bowhunting experience. The average shot distance is 22 yards or less and blinds are strategically placed to maximize bow opportunities. The style of hunting provides excellent spot and stalk opportunities for hunters. Nevertheless, the terrain for bow hunting in Africa is excellent.


Kudu Adventure Safaris conducts it’s bird hunting in the Free State Province, roughly in the middle of South Africa. Due to a diverse habitat and mixed farming practices, we can boast the biggest variety of shootable game birds in the country. These birds range from the humble common Quail to the impressive spur wing goose.

We shoot the following game bird species in our part of the country: Guinea fowl, Francolin (two species), quail, Egyptian and Spur wing geese, three species of duck, Rock pigeon and three species of doves.


All of our photo safaris & tours in South Africa are handled by African Sky, a small company who has been offering quality tours & safaris in Southern African for over a decade and a half. You are welcome to contact them directly and to make necessary arrangements directly with them.

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