Terms & Conditions that shall apply to all hunting safaris operated by Kudu Adventure Safaris

Terms & Conditions



The CLIENT will complete the INFORMATION FORM attached hereto as Annexure "A" and such reservation form will form part of this agreement.


2.1. KUDU ADVENTURE SAFARIS will make the necessary bookings and reservations only on payment of a 50 % (fifty percent) deposit by THE CLIENT;

2.2. Such deposit will be accepted in part payment of the total costs to be incurred by THE CLIENT;

2.3. A deposit of 50% (Fifty Percent) of the cost of the safari (total daily rates/ package) excluding trophy fees of animals to be hunted, will be paid by THE CLIENT within two months after the decision is taken and will be paid to KUDU ADVENTURE SAFARIS' Alex Duvenage.

2.4. The payment should be done on ZAR/US Dollar.

2.5. Should THE CLIENT cancel the safari within 180 (one hundred and eighty) days before the scheduled date of the safari, there will be no liability for KUDU ADVENTURE SAFARIS to refund the amount of any deposit paid by THE CLIENT;

2.6. Should THE CLIENT cancel the safari before the 180 (one hundred and eighty) days period as mentioned in paragraph 2.4, KUDU ADVENTURE SAFARIS shall repay to THE CLIENT any monies held by KUDU ADVENTURE SAFARIS after deducting any and all reasonable expenses incurred by KUDU ADVENTURE SAFARIS on behalf of THE CLIENT.


3.1. Any cancellation made by THE CLIENT must be in writing;

3.2. Such cancellation notice should be sent to KUDU ADVENTURE SAFARIS by way of fax and e-mail to the following number/e-mail address : +27 12 343 0269/ kuduadventuresafaris206@gmail.com.


4.1. The balance of the cost of the safari will be paid by THE CLIENT one month before the arrival date of THE CLIENT in South Africa.

4.2. Payment should be done in ZAR/US Dollar.

4.3. Species of animals hunted or wounded (found/lost), not included in THE CLIENT'S package will be paid for on date of departure.


The client will be charged trophy fees for any animal where there is any evidence of a hit, whether it being blood, fluids, flesh, bone or skin.

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